We are a student church at University of Washington

Welcome to UWCCC

We are a student church with on-campus pastor at University of Washington.

About Us

UWCCC, as a branch of SCCC, has a shared ministry relationship with SCCC during the church plant period.

A student said: Every Friday night, after a week of busy schoolwork, I feel exhausted all over and I don’t want to go anywhere! 

However I found my footsteps habitually walking in the direction of the small group meeting classroom.

After I entered the classroom and after a night of meetings, my tired heart was restored

and every time I always left the group with a full smile. There is really a magical power from this meeting!

Meeting Hours

Savery Hall 138
University of Washington
Friday :  6 pm - 9 pm

We provide regular small group meeting on every Friday evening

Other than our regular Friday night "College Small Group" meeting, we will hold many different gathering and outreach events throughout the year and we welcome every students to join us!